EGO6R3 is the embodiment of our life. Traces left by difficult and joyful life events: scratches, stickers, and tags, symbolize that the path we follow always leaves marks both on our body and in our soul. EGO6R3 has all the features that are common to all people.

Sometimes he suffers under the pressure of the collapsing negativity, and therefore deep wounds appear on his steel body, and after them scars that cannot be cured by any machine oil. And sometimes, on the contrary, bright spots appear on his robotic body, indicating a bright unforgettable moment that happened in his life.

EGO6R3 is a robot – nostalgia, a robot is evidence that we live, make mistakes, fail in our endeavors, get up and see the light of hope again. He does not seek to wear masks, hiding his experienced losses under the guise of cynicism and bragging. EGO6R3 openly declares: “I am who I am. I will not hide my vulnerability, my sins and failures.

But I am also always happy to share my happiness, love and care with other robots and people who deserve it. ” He consists of sweet and bitter memories, scars and beams of hope.

EGO6R3 is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Egor Golopolosov. Especially for EGO6R3, Egor Golopolosov and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies humanity and openness to all shades of life.

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