P6K0 is the cutest robot ever! It’s safe to say that her cute face is her real superpower! She does not hesitate to show tenderness and care towards other robots and people.

She loves children, animals, and also strives to always help the elderly and infirm people. In her home and outside of it, she values beauty, comfort and bloom in every sense of this word. With all her appearance and attitude to life, she tries to demonstrate that kindness and care for others are the most important values of our entire existence.

Sometimes bad people and robots try to take advantage of its good ideals, but P6K0 always endures all the blows of fate. P6K0 consists of cuteness, smiles, care and good mood.

P6K0 is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with Pika Park artists. Especially for P6K0 Pika Park and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies all the most delicate, fragile and cute qualities.

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