5FNT9Y is a protector of the Earth and patron of all living beings on our planet.

He protects the peace of all inhabitants of the Earth from the cosmic dangers that threaten her with all his courage. He once fought off an attack by evil aliens from the planet of Fury from the third constellation of Oreon.

Then the aliens wanted to take possession of our decentralized technologies and implement them to create their own interplanetary death ship. But 5FNT9Y valiantly repulsed an attack by interplanetary criminals.

When the Earth is not threatened by an alien invasion, he easily fights off asteroids that are striving for Earth, sometimes playing basketball with them. His deepest dream is to find the same robot capable of competing with him in the asteroidball game. He tries to contact people as little as possible in order not to cause them unnecessary troubles.

He is a lonely guy, and loves to fulfill his duties without the involvement of outside forces. He consists of heroism, a concern for the prosperity of the Earth, and fantastic basketball skills.

5FNT9Y is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Alexander Bans. Especially for 5FNT9Y, Alexander Bans and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies strength, courage and space combat.

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