5YNT8X is an ambassador of Ecofuturism. He was developed by Synticate Corporation as a synthetic intelligence, your ally and assistant in the tasks of exploring the Universe.

He is the quintessence of curiosity and love for humanity, flowing into each other in an endless process of knowledge. His name is a combination of Synticate and Chatex.

The whole body is a biomorph organism with a single processor deep-down, at the molecular level. Nanocoats and eco-friendly materials make up its material shell, while the neural network distributed throughout the body is what makes him a material being. Eternal, invulnerable, does not need oxygen, water and food, he can get to places where no human has ever set foot before.

While you sit comfortably by the fireplace and enjoy your free time, he will look for traces of life on Mars, collect souvenirs for you on Venus, and analyze the atmosphere on Jupiter: passion for research and discovery is built into his code and nothing in the Universe can be more pleasant for him than the discovery of something new.

By learning new things, he replenishes the databases of humanity, in the name of its prosperity and the desire for a positive future. He consists of future technologies, kindness and eco technologies.

5YNT8X is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the art group synticate_art. Especially for the 5YNT8X, synticate_art  and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the desire to investigate new worlds.

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