FIDAI56. When we think of robots, we invariably come up with the image of a metal machine stuffed with electronics. But 99 Chatex Robots’ metaverse breaks all the patterns we’re used to. When was the last time you used a pencil? In the modern world, many have already forgotten what it is to write by hand, and office supplies sometimes seem to us a relic of bygone days.

Pencils are used only by artists. Our co-author Salavat Fidai did just that. And not in a way which you might think. In his opinion, an ordinary pencil can become a truly authentic robot! With the help of a miniaturist, the tip of the pencil has been transformed into a detailed 5x6mm robot. Despite its apparent fragility, FIDAI56 has a solid inner core, and by his presence he reminds other robots that one should not rely on external circumstances when making important decisions.

Self-confidence is what determines the life values of the robot. He does not accept injustice and cruel treatment of the weakest robots, he always defends them. FIDAI56 is a reliable friend and patron of all robots and people in difficult life situations. He always inspires others to leave the imposed stereotypes and follow their dreams. FIDAI56 is composed of graphite, toughness and unbending self-confidence.

FIDAI56 is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Salavat Fidai and the Chatex team. This authentic robot embodies the resilience, self-confidence and meticulous work of a true craftsman.

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