RU5HRU5T reflects surreal worlds hidden in our subconscious. Many people came up with strange and incongruous allusions and intricate paradoxical forms, which are difficult to reproduce and difficult to interpret.

However, only a few people managed to fully comprehend them and make them a part of their consciousness. The very concept of surrealism combines elusive dreams intertwined with reality.

But who said that dreams are not reality, and our present is not a mirage in the desert? Sometimes it seems like an absolutely unattainable task to distinguish one from the other.

RU5HRU5T gives us the opportunity to plunge into the world of a bizarre atmosphere of consciousness wandering between two worlds and try to wake up from our far-fetched ideals and stereotyped ideas about the space around us.

RU5HRU5T consists of bright enchanting images, mesmerizing fantasies and unconventional perception of the world around us.

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