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OBLINOF_54 is a robot that always strives to be in the spotlight. He was created to inspire, mesmerize and bewitch. His ability to constantly change, without changing under the pressure, but, on the contrary, to shape the environment with regard to his taste is impressive. He does not seek to please everyone and always. Nevertheless, he loves parties and catches every admiring glance directed at him. OBLINOF_54 does not limit himself to the framework of one style and direction. In one second, he can spread light and positivity, and the next second he can transmute into the heavy metal king. At the same time, OBLINOF_54 appreciates harmony and dislikes excessive arrogance and pretentiousness. He is aware that his ability to transmute is not the quality that needs to be elevated to the absolute, becoming a guru of outrageous nonsense. Therefore, he loves a humble but talented artistic society, which inspires him to implement new images into his program. OBLINOF_54 consists of non-trivial constantly changing images, bright colors and creativity.

OBLINOF_54 is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Oblinof (https://twitter.com/oblinof). Especially for the OBLINOF_54 robot, Oblinof and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the ability to change without cracking under the pressure.

OBLINOF_54. Master of transmutation.


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