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5AINTPAV3L* came to us from the future. His neon image conveys the general stylistics and cultural characteristics of living in 2100. Despite the fact that this kind of combination of colors and light attracts artists and developers all over the world, only by 2100 neon will be fully normalized and become the main trend of the entire human and robotic community. 5AINTPAV3L observes the present with interest and looks at their forefathers of the robot community with warmth. He is amused by their primitive algorithms, but he is not distinguished by snobbery, therefore he treats the bugs of his distant ancestors with respect and reverence. After all, people don’t shame their great-grandmothers with dementia either. Sometimes 5AINTPAV3L wants to intervene in the development of robots so people and robots can coexist in harmony more quickly, but he knows that he is prohibited from doing this due to a temporary paradox. 5AINTPAV3L consists of neon colors, mysterious future technologies and faith in the development of robotics.

5AINTPAV3L* is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with artist Pavel Kharitonov ( www.instagram.com/pvkh3d ). Especially for the 5AINTPAV3L robot, Pavel Kharitonov and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies our future.

5AINTPAV3L. Neon ambassador from the future.


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