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52OCOLATE is a symbol of love for sweets. 52OCOLATE personifies the craving of all people for non-healthy, but such attractive food pleasures. He does not condemn, does not seek to pretend to be a useful robot, but only declares: “Eat me, and you will feel better.” After contemplating 52OCOLATE, it is very difficult to resist taking out the chocolate bar and eating it with pleasure. After all, our whole life is made up of little things. If you do not allow yourself to at least occasionally eat junk food, then what is it worth living for? However, excessive infatuation with 52OCOLATE can be bad for your health, so watch it occasionally, and when you need a large dose of endorphins. 52OCOLATE consists of chocolate, foil and gastronomic temptations.

52OCOLATE. a symbol of love for sweets.


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