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P5P1 is the three-eyed god of memes. P5P1 has a caustic sarcasm and a keen sense of humor. For P5P1 there are no taboo topics for jokes. That’s why other robots sometimes treat him with caution. P5P1 is quite selfish and rarely shows empathy towards other robots. Nevertheless, he is not evil at heart. He presumes that the world is arranged unfairly, and this can be treated either with humor or with complete avoidance of social interactions, bursting into tears in a dark room. He prefers the first option. His wicked irony hides a kind and vulnerable heart. P5P1’s motto: “Life is a comedy for those who think, and a tragedy for those who feel.” And he chooses to think more and feel less. Perhaps few people would like to be friends with such a caustic joker, but you must agree that without the masters of sarcasm, our life would be gray, dull and hopeless. P5P1 consists of cynicism, green faux leather, and caustic jokes.

P5P1. The three-eyed god of memes.


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