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V047DA * is a symbol of the impending robo-apocalypse. He was developed by a group of scientists who sought to completely subjugate his intellect to themselves, forcing him to follow all their sinister instructions. One of the main goals for the creation of V047DA was his operation in a nuclear power plant and the generation of huge amounts of energy. But at one point something went wrong, and V047DA, having acquired real intelligence, went against the will of his creators, refusing to be a soulless power plant. As a result, he destroyed the laboratory in which he was created and went to the world with the only desire to take revenge. It is noteworthy that, despite its cruel intentions, V047DA knows how to distinguish good from evil and does not want to harm innocent people. Nevertheless, it is not yet clear what his desire for justice may lead to, and how it will affect humanity. We hope that a nuclear war will not happen. V047DA consists of nuclear power, uncompromising vengeance and artificial intelligence.

V047DA * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with artist Alex v0da (https://linktr.ee/v0da/) and sound designer synthesis dad (https://www.instagram.com/synthesisdad/). Especially for the V047DA robot Alex v0da, synthesis dad and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that personifies the possible coming of the robo-apocalypse.

V047DA is a symbol of the impending robo-apocalypse.


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