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4R5ENIY is a symbol of nostalgia. People who were born in the 80s and 90s remember the first 3D games. We skipped school and stayed up late glueing to the TV screen for hours. Then these games seemed to us the embodiment of a revived dream. They plunged us into the unforgettable atmosphere of other worlds and spaces. For sure, today’s level of graphics has grown many times over, but who does not sometimes dream of returning to childhood and remembering the old days? 4R5ENIY brings our deepest fantasies into reality and reminds us not to forget about the basics and give yourself the opportunity to breathe out, while climbing the ladder of improving your skills. After all, the path that the gaming industry has come over the past 20-30 years is simply stunning! But, to be honest, sometimes we want to get our first Mario out of the far corner of the closet and indulge in sweet memories from the past. 4R5ENIY consists of old graphic solutions, nostalgia and pleasant childhood memories.4R5ENIY * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Arseniy Key (https://twitter.com/arseniykey). Especially for the 4R5ENIY robot, Arseniy Key and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the nostalgia for the first 3D games.

4R5ENIY. The symbol of the first gaming solutions in graphics.


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