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LORD4PR3TTY * is the most stylish robot in the entire Chatex Robots metaverse. He tries not to dwell on one style, combining different jewelry. LORD4PR3TTY adheres to the philosophy that the question “how” dominates over the question “what”. It doesn’t matter what exactly he is wearing, because the key factor is the message. With his vivid images, he inspires other robots to go beyond their perception. He also encourages them to do the most spicy experiments with their image. LORD4PR3TTY has been invited to fashion shows of the most famous designers in the metaverse several times. He is not averse to doing something with his own hands. If he does not find the necessary detail for the image in his wardrobe, then he is always ready to craft it himself. His style advice is always in great demand among other robots. He is composed of daring style and bright decorations.

LORD4PR3TTY* is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Lord Pretty (https://www.instagram.com/lordprettydesign/). Especially for the LORD4PR3TTY, Lord Pretty and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that personifies the style guru.

LORD4PR3TTY. Style guru.


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