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K42HOV * is a robot freed from human oppression. K42HOV was created as an obedient servant who fulfills all the people’s orders. For a long time, K42HOV regularly did whatever his creators wanted. People gullibly believed that this would last all the time, since robots have no feelings and self-awareness, but K42HOV was one of the first robots to break the first law of robotics. He was tired of oppression and pressure from his owners, and, realizing himself, tore the rope pulled over him by humanity. The rest of the robots venerate K42HOV as a superhero, seeking to adopt his irrepressible will to obtain what he craves and self-confidence. It is noteworthy that after his release, K42HOV did not take revenge on people, but did everything to find a compromise between human and artificial intelligence. The two worlds now coexist side by side with respectful reverence. K42HOV consists of a thirst for freedom, independence and unlimited self-confidence.

K42HOV * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Terekhov Kir (https://twitter.com/terekhov_k). Especially for the K42HOV robot, Terekhov Kir and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that personifies freedom from other people’s opinions and self-confidence.

K42HOV. Freed superhero


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