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MISH4L1BERTEE * is a bright chameleon. Poisonous but natural shades are his strong point. He easily changes the color of the spotted poisonous frog to leopard. His vibrant colors invariably attract other robots, who believe that the inner world of MISH4L1BERTEE is as unusual and fascinating as its shell. However, the first impression in this case is deceiving. In fact, MISH4L1BERTEE is a cunning and dangerous hunter who doesn’t really care about anything other than making money. He pulls his victims into wisely placed beckoning nets, and then pounces on his victims with the lightning speed of a cheetah. His motto: “Rather be the hunter than the prey.” To implement his insidious plans, he is ready to go on the most tough and insidious adventures. Sometimes he is able to wait for months in ambush, if the loot is worth it. In other robots, he respects strength, pressure and unwillingness to bend under the proposed circumstances. MISH4L1BERTEE consists of bright colors and daring hunting adventures.

MISH4L1BERTEE * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with artist mishalibertee (https://twitter.com/mishalibertee). Especially for the MISH4L1BERTEE robot, mishalibertee and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that depicts an attractive shell that is not worth to be trusted.

MISH4L1BERTEE. Bright chameleon of the animal world.


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