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KIR4DRI0N * is a three-eyed diva who doesn’t  confine herself to one style. She is not afraid to experiment with images and her appearance reminds of the reckless 2000s era, when people and robots began to mix seemingly incongruous directions. KIR4DRI0N is an emo-core lover. She strives to preserve the authentic charm of this cultural destination and bring her fresh vision to it. She also does not seek to limit herself to frames in her music choice. Sometimes she can be inspired by Avril Lavigne, sometimes she can listen to Nirvana, and sometimes she can come off with great pleasure at a Metallica concert. She used to have a little complex because of her “extra” eye, believing that it makes her less attractive. Sometimes KIR4DRI0N even tried to disguise him with makeup. However, other robots have convinced her that the third eye is her main feature, which she can be proud of and inspire other robots to accept themselves as they are. KIR4DRI0N consists of glamorous sophistication, punk rock and genuine self-acceptance.

KIR4DRI0N * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Kiradiron (https://twitter.com/kiradironart). Especially for the KIR4DRI0N robot, Kiradiron and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the reckless era of the 2000s

KIR4DRI0N. The 2000s era glamorous diva.


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