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SASS3HH6AAAA * is a symbol of the bygone cartoon era of the 1930s. He inspires viewers to experience the authentic magical atmosphere of the modern animation’s dawn. The robot has incorporated such genres as rubber hose, retro cartoon 1930’s and lowbrowart. If, when anyone mentions these genres, you recall only retro Mickey Mouse, then SASS3HH6AAAA is definitely able to change your point of view and show you all the variety of styles of that era. The main mission of the robot is to revive and rethink the works of that time and present them to the public in a new light, carefully preserving the key elements of the works of their idols. Do not be deceived by the external good nature of SASS3HH6AAAA, because among his main hobbies are satanic orgies, where he invariably makes a triumph with a combination of animation and his dark beginning. He is also often called to lectures at universities and museums, where he acts as a “live” exhibit of art history. He consists of nostalgic sadness, genuine smiles and retro animation.

SASS3HH6AAAA * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Sasshhaaaart (https://taplink.cc/sasshhaaaart). Especially for the SASS3HH6AAAA robot, Sasshhaaaart and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the cartoon retro era of the 30s.

SASS3HH6AAAA. Nostalgic symbol of the 30s animation era.


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