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3CSTA5O is a symbol of the human / robotic nature duality. Outside, he is warlike and stern, striving to demonstrate to everyone his superiority and threatening weapons. His inner part is timid, vulnerable and touching. However, due to his pathological suspicion, he uses his thorns even in situations where they are not required. Because of this, the rest of the robots consider him hot-tempered, cocky and constantly running into trouble and physical collisions. However, with few robots, 3CSTA5O is ready to showcase its soft and vulnerable content. The robots who recognize him in real life become his faithful friends and associates. Also 3CSTA5O, due to its brutal image, loves rock concerts, motorcycles and extreme speed. He consists of spikes, a leather jacket and delicate inner content.

3CSTA5O. A symbol of the duality of human nature.


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