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3CH4TEX is the robot that represents the whole Chatex team! The main colors of the robot, uniting three other robots, are white, blue and black. White stands for our users, black stands for traders and business, and blue stands for us, the Chatex developers. 3CH4TEX brings the same values to the world as Chatex itself: safety, innovation, friendliness, openness, comfort, instant and versatility. Its main mission is to share with the world the advantages of using cryptocurrencies: the speed of transactions, unlimited trading opportunities, Peer2Peer trading, independence from centralized fiat institutions and a wide range of financial instruments that are superior in profitability to “classic” solutions. 3CH4TEX will always help with financial transactions, resolve any disputes between users, and also protect your assets from unscrupulous users and scammers. He consists of professionalism, safety, speed, comfort and low fees.

3CH4TEX. Symbol of a new era’s banking.


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