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B33PLE is the symbol of the aesthetics of inconsistent, phantasmagoric, but at the same time strangely harmoniously coexisting together art objects and images. Also he embodies modern issues and accidental success. B33PLE does not want to convey life in the most realistic way. On the contrary, he seeks to convey the eclectic ambiguity and beauty of every moment through absurd pictures and memes. His rapidly changing images reflect the absurdity of taking life and art too seriously. Despite the fact that he sometimes weaves dystopian paintings into his appearance, this does not make him an adherent of a pessimistic view of the world. On the contrary, he once again emphasizes his Buddhist view of things and the senselessness of searching for the highest purpose of our existence. He consists of fantastic images, chaos and pure art.

B33PLE. A chaotic symbol of life’s absurdity, accidental success and modern issues.


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