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SK31ART* is a breath of a frosty morning. He is able with his gaze to freeze all surrounding objects and even create alternative weather conditions in the whole region. He likes winter sports, and often takes part in ski tournaments, speed skating and skibob races. Despite his severe frosty appearance, the inner part of SK31ART is full of warmth and kindness. And this is not surprising, since his favorite holiday, New Year, is associated with family comfort and mesmerizing magic. Also, SK31ART is indispensable for storing food, treating wounds and creating fanciful ice sculptures. Sometimes he is even invited to participate in winter architectural competitions, where he is consistently highly praised by spectators and judges. He consists of snow, refrigeration unit and soft heart.

SK31ART * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the SciArt artist (https://twitter.com/CryptoSciart). Especially for the SK31ART robot, SciArt and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the world of winter fun, sunny frosty mornings and memories of happy winter holidays.

SK31ART. The breath of a frosty morning.


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