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29PABLOSVIS * is a dreamer and romantic. He loves gazing at stars and various shiny objects either online or offline. He knows astronomy very well and is able to tell without hesitation all the constellations known to the scientists. He does not part with his VR helmet and puts it on at every opportunity to plunge into the world of fantasy and unearthly objects. Because of his daydreaming, he is very absent-minded, which is why other robots tend not to entrust him with important matters. Nevertheless, in matters of virtual reality and cosmology, he has no equal, so everyone listens to his stories carefully. He consists of a VR helmet, fantasies and stars.

29PABLOSVIS is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist pablosvision. For the robot, 29PABLOSVIS pablosvision and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies the world of dreams, stars and VR.

29PABLOSVIS. Alluring VR dreams.