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IBRAJ25Z* is a real lady. On the one hand, she is feminine, flirtatious and gentle, and on the other, she is always open to new challenges and experiments with her appearance. She doesn’t think eclectic style is something you should avoid. She combines the influences of the punk, hippie, rock and pop cultures. At the same time, IBRAJ25Z never looks vulgar and inappropriate. Her ability to combine incongruous is fascinating. She has a great relationship with other robots and is always ready to help and give a couple of useful style tips. She never discourages and tries to bring the spirit of high fashion and street underground to any place where she finds herself. She consists of costume jewelry, branded clothing and other accessories.

IBRAJ25Z* is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with the artist Ibrajeez. For the IBRAJ25Z, Ibrajeez and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies haute couture, style and youth.

IBRAJ25Z. Pertinent eclecticism of the incongruous.


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