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BU24ARA *is a robot – holiday. He embodies children’s laughter and the joy of first discoveries. His lively laughter and groovy character will not leave anyone indifferent. His balloon head symbolizes openness to everything new, an inexhaustible stream of gushing ideas and a flight of imagination. Robots adore him not only for his ability to cheer up everyone around him, but also for the amazing features of his head. Because he has a balloon in his head, he manages to crawl into any place and easily solve tasks that would not be possible for any other robot. BU24ARA is often invited to parties and birthdays, where he gets a lot of appreciation. He consists of latex and air.

BU24ARA * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with CGI artist BUCHARA. For the robot BU24ARA, BUСHARA and the Chatex team have created an authentic robot that embodies lightness, ease and happiness.

BU24ARA. The sound of a flooded child’s laughter.


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