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M̶͑2̷̄ ͗͛R̵̕3̸̄* is an alien rover. He is from a parallel universe ℭ𝔥𝔢𝔯𝔫𝔞𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔰. He knows things, which ordinary mortals do not know. He was created in the depths of the infernal efreet’s blacksmith. That’s why he strikes with his technologies. He is not alien to emotions familiar to us, but nevertheless, his sensuality goes beyond human and robotic understanding. Like a peacock he mesmerizes with his appearance. With the help of his armor, which is made from nanoparticles, he can change the material and atmosphere temperature, transform and sparkle. His manufacturability is closely intertwined with the dark magic of jinnee’s fire. He is a unique robot, from the other world. He came to share with  humanity the secret knowledge that the efreet have been learning for tens of thousands of years.

After descending to our planet, he entered one of the basketball courts in Brooklyn. There were different people on the site. Basketball players watched by their lovers, musicians who were not alien to the sports atmosphere, and artists who came to paint graffiti were staring at the alien. The bravest of this motley crowd ventured to touch him. The robot greeted humanity and shared the knowledge of the efreet language with the brave man. The lucky one turned out to be an artist. As a gesture of gratitude, he painted the robot, using other knowledge from distant worlds. Later, this artist suddenly disappeared and no one saw him again.

And recently  we have found the robot. Also we found a power button which resembles a basketball. An artistic idea or a fantastic coincidence? Who knows? But to pay tribute to the basketball culture, we decided to release it as number 23. With the help of special manipulations, we were able to transform it into a cryptoart object. But we did not dare to draw knowledge from this robot. But maybe there is a brave hero who can find out what is hidden in this box of “Pandora”? M̶͑2̷̄ ͗͛R̵̕3̸̄ consists of Damascus titanium and unidentified efreet technologies.

M̶͑2̷̄ ͗͛R̵̕3̸̄ * is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with digital artist Chernamars. For the robot M̶͑2̷̄ ͗͛R̵̕3̸̄ Daniel MARS and the Chatex team have created an authentic concept of mystery, hot otherworldly flame and the latest alien technology.

M̶͑2̷̄ ͗͛R̵̕3̸̄. A mysterious and frightening wanderer from another world.



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