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DRM21VLD * is a robot of  mystery and a dream. DRM21VLD embodies the wilderness and beauty of the morning forest. The secrets of human and robotic nature are kept under his moss robes. He embraces exhausted travelers with his insinuating attention and guides them on the right way, showing them the true path to their souls. After communication with him, each robot feels renewed and deprived of the imposed toxic attitudes of the modern tough world. It is noteworthy that to the truly dark personalities DRM21VLD is never fully revealed, depicting a motionless mountain overgrown with grass. BOVA suspects that DRM21VLD possesses sacred knowledge. But due to the fact that he cannot get access to them, he tries in every possible way to take revenge on the robot, sending earthquakes and tsunamis to it. But DRM21VLD endures all fate’s obstacles with ease and dignity. He consists of moss, plants and stone.

DRM21VLD* is an exclusive robot created in collaboration with digital artist dryamvlad. For the DRM21VLD robot, dryamvlad and the Chatex team have created an authentic concept that breathes with freshness and natural power.

DRM21VLD. A midsummer night’s dream.


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