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The First Contests of the Free TON Network are Over: Is the TON Crystal Token Worth Considering?

The Free TON blockchain with the native TON Crystal token is ready to continue the story of the Durov’s failed TON project. In this article, I will tell you why TON Crystal is not just another altcoin but a real and accessible investment tool.

As the entire crypto community knows, Pavel Durov didn’t manage to launch the long-awaited Telegram Open Network and the GRAM cryptocurrency due to litigation with the US authorities. But the developers from TON Labs, together with other companies, decided to continue working on the launch of the network, inspired by the idea to create the same product but with a different name. 

As a result, on May 7, a new network based on the Telegram Open Network protocol was launched — Free TON with the TON Crystal token.

Let’s first figure out what Free TON is. From a technical point of view, the name is the only difference between TON and Free TON:

“We named the network and token like this to show that the system is free from the regulatory intervention. At the same time, TON has all the properties of a cryptocurrency with which payments are made”

Dmitry Goroshevsky, a technical director of TON Labs, says.

What is TON Crystal? 

TON Crystal is the native token of the network. The developers came up with an interesting idea of ​​how to distribute the cryptocurrency among the participants. Users can get tokens as a reward for winning the following contests.

There are three of them: the first one includes developers who should create tools for scalable and secure operations, the second implies to develop a contract voting system for making decisions within the project, and the third — to develop the most optimal method for airdrop of TON Crystal tokens. Creators of the best solutions will receive 30,000 tokens, and the prize fund of each competition will be from 70,000 to 100,000 coins.

As of today, the first contests have already been completed and thousands of tokens have been sent to the winners. So, it means TON Crystal can be purchased from these particular winners. Initially, the coins were offered by them at $1.4 per token.

Now people buy tokens mostly because of curiosity and in small amounts only. While there are too few validators in the network, such curiosity often progresses to the desire to conquer the niche. That is quite realistic considering the current staking and the probability of mining 15-25% without any problems. In general, those who have the desire are likely to buy TON Crystal even for $1.2 per token.

Speaking of retail, services, where you can buy TON Crystal tokens, can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Users do not want to take risks due to the novelty and the large number of scammers who always try to hit people up for money.

Probably the only worthy option to buy TON Crystal is my Chatex bot. I offer a p2p platform where you can purchase TON Crystal tokens from real users. Thanks to a transparent rating system, which will always help to determine the reliability of the transaction partner, you always know the credibility of the user you are dealing with.

Also, my service uses the anti-fraud system and BitGo Instant instant secure transfers. And if an incident nevertheless occurs during the deal, an arbitrator will come to the help and resolve the dispute in minutes.


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