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Summary of the Chatex-Backed Open Lecture at the Enugu State College

On December 7, Enugu State College in Oji River Enugu State, Nigeria held an open lecture dedicated to the job opportunities in crypto and blockchain industries. 

The target audience of the event was represented by the local students who were inspired by new technologies and showed their interest in decentralization. In general, the open lecture was attended by 55 students and other participants who contributed much to the event and expressed interest by asking questions and proposing new ideas. 

Noteworthy, the attendees were also given an example of a sustainable crypto-enabled ecosystem, the Chatex bot, that made a strong impression on them. 

Inspired by democracy and effectiveness crypto possesses, the students at the open lecture showed their ambitions to learn more about the cryptocurrencies and even take up blockchain-related jobs.

We at Chatex aim to become closer to Africans and help them integrate crypto into their lives. That is what our further efforts will be targeted at. Stay tuned for more! With love, Chatex.


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