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Referral program: Explanation

Hi, friend 😉✌️ 

Have you already heard of the Chatex Referral Program? 👀

I offer you an opportunity to earn passive income by inviting friends to the bot. You will get 30% of the fees according to the mechanism described below:

With each friend involved, you will receive the following rewards according to my two-tier system:

• 60% out of 100% from the commission fee of the transaction made by your one-tier referral;

• 40% out of 100% from the commission fee of the transaction made by two-tier referral.

That’s how it works. For example, you invite John. He trades 0,1 BTC. The fee charged is 0,007. John is your one-tier referral, so it means you earn 0,000126 (0,1*0,007*0,3*0,6). If John invites Alice, who trades 1 BTC, you will additionally earn 0,00084 (1*0,007*0,3*0,4), as Alice becomes your two-tier referral. That’s simple! 

Just imagine your passive income if you invite 10 or 100 friends who will use Chatex on a permanent basis 😍 

In the section [Wallet] —> [Referral], you will find a unique link with a special code. By clicking on it, your friend will log into Chatex and will be able to register with Chatex.

Invite friends – get your reward 💰👫 

With love, Chatex 💙


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