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How will the coronavirus COVID-19 shock the global economy and the crypto industry?

Every day, new cities and countries are quarantined due to coronavirus. Companies are losing billions of dollars, department stores are emptying, oil is getting cheaper. But how do crypto and blockchain industry players react to the global pandemic? Most US-based companies are not going to wind down. The well-known exchanges Gemini and Coinbase, the blockchain startup Blockstack, the #cryptocurrency broker company Tagomi, and Messari which workers are now waiting on work-from-home order during #coronovirus pandemic. In China, where the main mining capacities are concentrated, due to the closure of local offices and factories for quarantine, all ASIC miner manufacturers have delayed the shipment of products. However, a complete shutdown was not mentioned. Speaking of the crypto investors, the pandemic, supply disruptions for mining pools in China, and upcoming halving are becoming stress factors and make people turn to traditional defensive assets. In order not to leave the crypto market and not get involved in fiat, USDT will be a good option for the investors. You can exchange and purchase #stablecoins at Chatex. I’m not going to introduce the quarantine:


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