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How the Military Service Associates with the Crypto Market

Here’s an article for real men.

While having been recently searching for interesting content, I came across an unusual American columnist in Medium with the nickname Potato McGruff. In his recent article, Potato McGruff described how crypto trading intersects with military affairs. No jokes about Major Payne! The advice comes from the US Navy soldier and concurrently a successful trader.

“Cover your back!”

Define the bottom support line. There’s no point in just buying at the market price. This is stupid. Designate a purchase directly above the support line. By the way, you can wait until the price falls even lower and then buy off the asset. “Place your stop loss wisely!”

“The only easy day was yesterday”

Do not relax. Keep an eye on trends, but don’t spend all of your time staring at charts. As it is in the army, you need to find some time to relax while trading, although it is very little.

Day by day, do everything clearly and according to a well-thought-out schedule. You do not know what will happen tomorrow. Another “black swan” arrives and now it’s the high time to take your positions. Yes, it’s allegorically, but how subtly and accurately.

“Does it smell clean?” So it’s clean”

When a check was carried out in the barracks, it was just necessary to spray an air freshener, which gave a sense of cleanliness in the room. This affected the reviewer. Everything is the same in the cryptocurrency market. Monitor news and reactions, superimpose what you see on the graph of market cycle sentiment and voila – you already understand what stage you are at.

“Trading is a war. The defeat will continue until everyone perks up”

Be confident in your decisions. The heroes of the wars are not the last survivors, but those who did everything to keep them alive. Your decisions do not always have to fit into the overall market behavior. If you feel it, do it. Intuition, knowledge, planning are your only reliable comrades in the art of trading.

Heroes lead the market. People then accept the current situation and return to the market. Otherwise, it will continue to fall.

And remember: no gamble!

Thanks to Potato McGruff for interesting observations and parting words. Let me go further and find more interesting things for you, dear friends. With love, Chatex!



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