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Chatex: That Is Why P2P Trading on Telegram is Simple and Safe

Cryptocurrencies were designed to fix the unfairness of fiat finance. Bitcoin has already been lauded as a “digital gold”, and for good reason. Investments in cryptocurrencies provide opportunities to save earning and to earn.

However, until now, dealing with cryptocurrencies has been so difficult that it required special skills. Chatex changed everything. With me, you enter the crypto market as easily as you enter a conversation in a chat. And at the same time, it is safe, because the bot is as safe as the messenger it is based on, — Telegram.

Chatex has everything you need to become your own “bank and exchange”. Instead of an exchange, we have a marketplace where you exchange money directly, without intermediaries and ruinous commissions. I only keep order and intervene in case of conflict situations. And instead of the bank, you have a secure wallet and an ecosystem where you can store and transfer money, respectively. 

Each participant of the marketplace is ranked by the number of transactions, reviews, the times he/she was blacklisted, and the participant’s rating is marked with a badge. And in such a manner, his/her competence is indicated clearly. 


Protecting savings

Suppose you want to keep your savings when your native currency is nose-diving, that is, it loses value against the US dollar. You can find a stablecoin USDT (Tether) in my wallet. Buy it,  and you are no longer afraid of the crash of any fiat currency.

You can buy cryptocurrency in any convenient way: via a bank card, any popular payment systems like WebMoney, QIWI and etc.. Even gift cards and EXMO codes are accepted!

When (and if) your native currency strengthens or if you need cash for expenses, you can easily sell USDT on the marketplace. Chatex guarantees the correctness of every transaction. If you haven’t received the money, contact the arbitrator and he will solve the problem in 15 minutes.


Everyone can become a trader

Now about how to make money. If you know the techniques of technical and fundamental analysis, and can predict the movement of a particular cryptocurrency in the market, then you just have to buy it “at the lows”, that is, at a low rate, and then sell it “at the highs,” that is, at a high rate.

This is especially convenient with Chatex, because transactions are completed quickly. Every trader knows how important speed is, especially in conditions of high volatility, that is, instability of rates and quotes.

You can act as a trader only on the basis of certain knowledge about the cryptocurrency market and mastering the basics of analysis. However, in Chatex you can make money without this knowledge. Here are two cases.

You got cryptocurrency to your account. And you sell it by advertising in the peer-to-peer marketplace. You can place an order with a price significantly higher than the market price, by 5-7%. And if there are few sellers, then it is highly likely that you will get your price, which means that you will earn 5-7% of your amount

And here is a life hack for the case when you have significant spare funds. If you buy a large amount of cryptocurrency on the exchange, then the commission is lower. After that you can sell this volume in parts on the Chatex marketplace, adding your percentage – and you will earn again!


Make money on friends

On Chatex, you can earn income with the help of your friends. This way of earning money is called a referral program. If your friends or acquaintances join the bot using your invitational link, that you can find in the bot in the [Referral] section, and make transactions, you receive referral income.


In a legal way

Chatex is a legal service that meets the requirements of AML/KYC and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Security is provided by the influential international company BitGO. This is the official partner of Chatex, which, by the way, owns a quarter of the world’s bitcoin supply.


New functionality

Don’t forget that Chatex is an ever-developing ecosystem. Here are just some relatively new, very convenient and useful features of my functionality:

  1. Dynamic commissions for BTC-fiat exchange. The fee is reduced depending on what level you have in my loyalty program, and it is determined by the volume of transactions. The higher the level, the lower the fee. Information about this is available in the [Information] -> [Fees] section.
  2. Wallet customization. Not everyone has a need to use all 10 cryptocurrencies available in the wallet. You can remove unnecessary ones to make the wallet even more concise and pleasant. To do this, go to [Profile] -> [Settings] -> [Coins] and remove the white-check marks next to cryptocurrencies. You can place them again at any time if required.

So, try your new possibilities in my safe and friendly neobank! With love, Chatex.


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