Chatex: One Step Closer to Kazakhstan’s Crypto Community

On November 14, one of the largest crypto conferences ever conducted in Kazakhstan, TerraCrypto 2019, was held. Chatex’s representatives were lucky to attend the event and told the public more about our project in the immersive style. What does it mean? Take some popcorn and get ready to scroll down, we’ll now tell you!

On the day before the conference, we attended the Uzbechka Restaurant where we got acquainted with thought leaders of the local crypto movement, particularly with Baterbek Umarov, the President of the Association of Developers and Users of Blockchain Technologies BlockhainKZ. 

Next day, our representative, the Chief Marketing Officer of Chatex Alexander Khvoynitsky, started the presentation of Chatex. If other projects were boasting with their key features and one-of-a-kind functionalities, he followed another approach. That’s what we’ve called an immersive style of product placement at the beginning of our story. At first, attendees discussed global issues related to crypto and blockchain, explored the conjuncture, and only then, Alexander went on speaking about the very product of Chatex as a solution to all existing problems in the market. He told why Chatex is secured, accessible, and why it can be trusted.  

Noteworthy, there were many skeptics at the conference how plied with a great number of trick questions. But our guys coped with all of them, thus having made everybody at the place sure about the Chatex’s trustworthiness. 

It was a sight for sore eyes to see how many people in Kazakhstan were interested in decentralized technologies and Chatex, in particular. The next day in the morning, we met about a dozen of traders at breakfast, who wanted to learn more about our product. 

Moscow, we are coming! Time to bring some crypto adoption to Russia. Next TerraCrypto Conference will be held in the Russian capital on December 7. And there, our CEO Michael Ross-Johnson will be a speaker!

Stay tuned for more news and updates! With love, your favourite bot.💙