Chatex on How to Benefit from Stablecoins

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Stablecoins are already not a new phenomenon in the crypto field. These are #cryptocurrencies which are dedicated to minimize the volatile behavior of crypto prices. As a rule, the coins are pegged by stable assets – fiat currencies or exchange traded commodities (e.g. precious or industrial metals). The very purpose of creating #stablecoin is understandable: the community needs a greater stability in the market.

With its help, traders are able to operate on exchanges by ‘mirroring’ the dollar and thus being able to sell, for example, BTC for cash on the exchange that doesn’t deal in USD. Stablecoins like bridge the gap between fiat and crypto worlds.

You can send USDT Omni to your friends and relatives abroad via Chatex and pay 0% commission for that. The desired customer friendliness allows for redeeming crypto to fiat currencies with no limits, as stable coins are not tied to any institution. One using “stables” can forget about the volatility of crypto prices and bottlenecks of crypto-to-fiat conversions for good.