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Chatex in INDIA. Strong team = rapid growth

Chatex is gradually growing and developing to become the best crypto exchange service on the market and to provide our clients with the best trading conditions. Our team attracts the best in their business to cooperation. That`s why we have partnered with best experts in finance and cryptocurrency who became official Chatex advisors in India

To date, the financial cryptocurrency service Chatex is successfully developing the Indian market. Already more than 3000 residents of the country have successfully become our clients and can profitably store, exchange and transfer funds with our help. I am very pleased to board the ship named Chatex and take part in such an exciting journey as the conquest of the financial crypto market.

Faizal Chunara
Chatex advisor in India
A professional trader is known as United Crypto

Our mission is to ensure the financial independence of each user and give you the opportunity to freely dispose of your funds, even including the recent announcements on crypto prohibition in India. With Chatex everybody can save the funds, transfer them anywhere in the world in a few minutes and multiply them with the help of competent investment.A strong team of like-minded people is a good sign for the company to achieve outstanding goals. And I am pleased to know that I am part of such a team.

Hitesh Golakiya
Chatex advisor in India
A professional trader

To protect your funds and perform all financial transactions quickly and easily you can join Chatex community right now.

Vishal Sharma
Chatex Advisor in India
Engineer, Entrepreneur
A P2P professional Crypto trader with 6 years of experience.


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