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Chatex at the Blockchain Innovations & Investments Event 2019

On November 16, Chatex took part in the large-scale conference in Lagos, Nigeria. Our company was the organizer and one of 7 conference partners representing themselves to light up important questions regarding blockchain and the world’s new economic state.

The key pillar of the event was the promotion of cryptocurrency and decentralized technologies to the African region. 

Common Africans were granted a chance to meet strong blockchain experts and industry professionals, including founder of Chatex’s Regional Partner Aghaonu Johnbosco Arinze, a blockchain advocate Joseph Samuel, a digital international barrister Faith Obafemi, and others. They helped attendees understand the benefits of the new economic state and guided them through the new technology adoption in the fast-changing modern world. 

Companies and investors, in turn, were able to discover new premier talents and interesting investment projects.

The speech by Aghaonu Johnbosco Arinze, Chatex’s Regional Partner and concurrently a Founder of Coderstech Crypto Hub Academy, was a masterpiece. With a pinch of humor, he answered all the trick questions and shed the light on why the adoption of crypto is needed in the region.

Attendees also took part in the video-link with the CEO of Chatex Michael Johnson. Michael told more about the bot and answered the questions related to its functionality. 

What is noteworthy is the venue of the conference. It was admiring, cozy and disposed to fruitful work and strong experience. 

Chatex has made new friends in Lagos. New friends mean new cooperations! Dedicated to working hard, we are here to make a big splash. Stay tuned for more news and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

With love, Chatex! 💙

P.S. All photos from the conference are available here


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