Our philosophy

Why Chatex is the tool that will make life on the planet better?

We are convinced that this is 100% true. And that’s why.
We are a service implementing mass adoption for cryptocurrency.

What does this mean: any person will have access to cryptocurrencies with all its properties. In fact, for the first time in the history of mankind, real ownership appeared.

What does Chatex do in addition to cryptocurrency properties?

This is a very useful system for countries with low levels of economic development. Most often, in such countries, financial institutions are either not developed, not allowing people to use money normally, or exploiting people by freezing their savings, or imposing expensive account maintenance services on people, or even stealing their money altogether. Chatex allows users to securely store their savings in cryptocurrencies, as well as instantly make transfers within the network. Can you imagine what opportunities this can give people?

“We are confident that entire countries will now raise their economies through the free circulation of money, because everyone remembers how a small business in China has fired, as soon as the commission for transferring money from card to card has been removed and limits have been raised.”

Basic Theses

  • The easiest way to become a crypto user;
  • The strongest European safety standard;
  • Chatex helps save money when banks don’t work;
  • It is better to try once than to read 10 times;
  • We not only give people a convenient and useful service, we take care of them.