MLB Goes All In On NFTs With Lou Gehrig, Now LA Dodgers Art. Why Is This Still A Thing?

Forbes talked about 99 NFT ROBOTS Challenge. “They position themselves as “an example of art for a new era, the metaverse, which can become a significant example of the formation of a new reality of our perception of creativity in the future”, says the author. Also author mentioned Chatex’s draw. “As part of the challenge, every day, for 99 days, one unique set of tokens from the constantly expanding “metaverse of Robots” are placed on the Rarible site. Each such set consists of a different number of copies – from 9 to 99, if anyone wants to buy them, for whatever the reason. Well, you can win a Tesla, so there is that”, – concluded author.


Accept This Challenge, And Stand a Chance To Win Tesla Model S

«Entrepreneur» recounted about 99 NFT ROBOTS Challenge. «The key goal of the campaign is to create a meta-universe of unique robots that have different characters and stories», underlined the author. The publication also elaborated on the main prize for the winner of the challenge, positive feedback from the NFT community and the robot drop’s schedule.


5 Tips to Keep Your Website Secure in 2020

«Entrepreneur» revealed 5 tips to keep your website secure in 2020. «You should also choose a very secure base to develop your own bot», advises Michael Ross-Johnson, CEO of Chatex. MTProto protocol can be used to encrypt the user data, and besides that, cloud-data storing and end-to-end encryption by request». Interestingly, Ross-Johnson prefers to use another technology like chatbots when it comes to sensitive data transferring and storage.


Cryptocurrency Exchange Chatex to Incorporate Dash With InstantSend

«DashNews» elaborated on supporting Dash in Chatex. The social media-based bot, Chatex that executes peer-to-peer exchanges in cryptocurrencies, is planning to include Dash support that includes identifying InstantSend securities. «This enables users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with each other through their main messaging app, without having to use other services, breaking down a potential friction point in using digital cash as money», concluded the article.


Millions in Crypto Is Crossing the Russia-China Border Daily. There, Tether Is King

«Coindesk» revealed information about international cryptocurrency «friendship» between Russia and China. «USDT will stay propped by the power of habit and trust of its users», explained Vladislav Bulochnikov, the head of product at crypto wallet app provider Chatex. «Even if it loses half of its backing — it’ll still be out there», he concluded.


Chatbots: The end of the hype era or a bright new dawn?

Hackernoon’s author pondered about the future of cryptocurrencies in general and crypto chatbots in particular. «Meanwhile, Chatex has created a bot to provide the most convenient way to manage digital assets. The privacy and reliability of all transactions are secured by advanced private-ranking grade anti-fraud and PIN-code technology. Chatex works equally well in all popular messengers like Telegram, Viber, Facebook, Line, Kik, and KakaoTalk; use your favorite or several of them at once», told the author.


Meet Chatex, the Most User Friendly P2P Crypto Exchange for Messengers

«Pro-blockchain.com» told about friendly interface availability and revelance  in crypto projects. Chatex accommodates all of the mentioned characteristics. «Chatex is ideal for individuals who want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies or invest in crypto assets and projects. The click-and-go messenger based bot is intuitive and requires no special technical knowledge to operate», explained the author of the article.