About us

At the very beginning of its existence, the Chatex team set the bar high. The main task of the company is to provide access to a simple, reliable, fast and secure storage, transfering, selling and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Chatex now becomes a full-fledged cryptobank, declaring that its products are for everyone: from housewives to advanced users and experienced crypto traders.

Three main Chatex’s pillars remain the same: messengers, crypto and DeFi. Now Chatex gives users the opportunity not only to store, transfer, sell and exchange, but also to use complex DeFi projects with all its benefits but without an additional complexity layer. The Chatex team is confident that by creating a simple and reliable way to the full range of cryptobanking products, the company contributes to cryptocurrency mass adoption and enables people around the globe to retain value, build new opportunities for their human potential development. Now people all over the world are able to distribute financial assets fairly and without unnecessary complications.

Crypto is complicated, Chatex is not.

Chatex team