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CHATEX telegram bot is on the market since 2017
Registered users
Activated users (at least one financial transaction)
Local fiat currencies
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Trading volume annual growth


Chatex is the second largest crypto wallet and p2p exchange in-app platform for Telegram. Now Chatex becomes a full-fledged cryptobank with a wide range of opportunities, which help everyone to store, buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrency safely and fast.


Sending money is as easy as sending a message!
Money is transferred to the Chatex wallet in the Telegram messenger instantly. No need to pay more to send them faster. Transfer money to friends, check the balance, or withdraw money in the local fiat currency whenever and wherever you want.
Buy and Sell crypto with any local currency in Chatex.
Trade your in-game items or gift cards and get crypto with our p2p marketplace. Your trades are shielded with our Escrow and reputation systems.

Just choose a suitable offer and start the deal or post your own selling ad and trade on your terms!
Follow the market!
Manage your assets portfolio instantly with our unique any-to-any exchange to get more of your rypto! No need to use other exchanges anymore.

Make your money work

Earn yield on your crypto with our upcoming deposits feature! No bank can offer you the same rates as Chatex. Get rewarded in stablecoins or CHTX to earn even more!
Get cash for your crypto without selling it! Flexible loan terms that suit you most and payable in stablecoins or CHTX to lower interest rates.

jump on HoT trends

DeFi is growing
Chatex is integrated with major DeFi ecosystems like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Huobi EcoChain to benefit from most demanded DeFi protocols like lending and borrowing, swap and staking.
Telegram is growing
Telegram has 500 mln monthly active users and with Chatex they all can get access to a fair financial system.
Global p2p crypto market is growing +30% annualy. According to the major players open data on May 2021 the monthly trading volume is more than 3,2 bln USD.


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24/7 support

Get an answer to your question within 3-5 minutes
24/7 support

Earn with us

Share the referral link with your friends, and get an up to 15% reward of the amount of payments from each invited participant
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Chatex API

Automatic trading. Connect your trading tools quickly and easily. The API is compatible with LocalBitcoins and other platforms and helps to quickly integrate with Chatex
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Chatex API

Chatex widget

Monitor prices anytime and anywhere. Bring the widget to the main screen and choose your favorite trading couples
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Chatex widget


Comfortable usage. In Android app, you can store, receive and send cryptocurrencies without third-party services. Fast. Easy. Comfortable.

Chatex Pay

Connect Chatex Pay to your business model and get a reliable service providing unlimited choice of payment options for your customers. Easy integration. Payment speed is 3-5 minutes. Large choice of cryptocurrencies.
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Chatex Pay


Use our friendly Telegram bot to trade and transfer cryptocurrencies, as well as exchange fiat funds for cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrencies for fiat funds. Fast. Secure. Available. In any place convenient for you.
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We believe in fair and transparent exchange. Through this we bring people together, shortening distances and removing obstacles. Chatex is a community where everyone can manage money easily. Each member of this community is significant.
376 504
active users


What is Chatex?

Chatex is a crypto bank. Why should you choose us?


  • First of all, Chatex is an absolutely legal service.
  • Reliable wallets from a respectable service BitGo.
  • We focus on caring for our customers. You always have the opportunity to contact us. We provide fast resolution of incidents (disputes), which is critical not only for traders, but also for ordinary customers, because you trust us with your money. We resolve all disputes in real time, and we are always in touch with our clients 24/7.
  • We see one of our competitive advantages in the focus of work through instant messengers. This provides an additional layer of security, because it is difficult to attack through the infrastructure of instant messengers.
  • We have created the most user-friendly interface. Our presence in all popular messengers gives our users the opportunity to choose.
  • Finally, all transfers are quick and easy. You can start working with our bot in two simple steps: choose your favorite messenger, use it to enter the bot, come up with a name. Done!

You can find out more about bot’s functions in other sections of the FAQ. Or send a request to our support team.


How to start using Chatex?

First of all, you need to install your favorite messenger on your smartphone or PC.


  • Then go to Chatex (@Chatex_bot), click on the “Run” button and select the language. In our example – “Russian”.
  • Click on the “Register” button. Caution! By clicking on the “Register” button, you automatically agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • After that come up with a unique username or nickname and write it to the bot. You can use numbers.
  • Select the country so the content would correspond to your location.
  • Enter your phone number to protect your account. You can skip this step and set additional protection later in [Profile] -> [Security]


After these steps, you will complete registration and log in to your bot profile.


What problems may I face during the authorization process or work flow with bot?

If the bot does not respond to commands and messages:


Check your network connection.

There is a chance that we are working on the service. The thing is, we are developing rapidly and sometimes we need to download updates. But we don’t copy  Windows 10’s attitude, so we warn about major work in the service and usually we carry out them imperceptibly, quickly, just wait a while.

If you withdraw cryptocurrency from the bot to an external wallet and the transaction is processed for a long time, then this issue may occur due to the heavy load on the blockchain network. From our side, the transaction is immediately sent to the Blockchain network as soon as a tracking link appears in the bot.

It is important to remember that the “Payment completed” button is available within 30 minutes. If you transferred money, but did not manage to click the “Payment completed” button on time, the transaction will be canceled. In this situation, the money was transferred, but the cryptocurrency will not come to you, since there was no confirmation of payment. In this case, there will be a long analysis of the situation with the arbiter and the support service. To avoid this, after the funds have been transferred, please click the “Payment completed” button on time.

Be extremely careful while responding to an ad and always read the terms of the deal. If the conditions for the transaction were not met (no message was left during the bank transfer or an important comment to identify the payment), then the other party may refuse you in the transaction, which in the end can lead to long proceedings.

If you have any other errors and problems, please contact our 24/7 support directly in the bot or through other communication channels. We will never disregard your request.


How to get verified? Why should I get verified?

Go to the “Profile” -> “Verification” section.

  • If you have not filled in a phone number before, you need to do it at this step.
  • Select the type of document that you specify: Passport, ID-card or international passport.
  • Attach a photo of this document. Make sure that the image is clear, without glare, and all the edges of the document are visible.
  • Attach a selfie with this document without accidentally covering your face or document.
  • After that, a message will appear: “Your data has been sent for verification” and the data will be automatically verified by the system.
  • On average, the verification process takes about 15 minutes. You can continue to use the bot during this time. At the end of the automatic verification, you will receive a message with the verification results in the bot.

It is important to know that:

  • It is not recommended to use graphic editors and change any data in the photo.
  • Verification will fail if the required information is not clearly visible.
  • If necessary, the support service can contact you and request additional information.
  • Verification process takes some time.
  • If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact our support service in the bot.

Why should you get verified? 

  • After passing the verification, the user will have access to the Pin-code service, which  protects clients from unauthorized access to their wallets and transactions;
  • If you lose your phone, you will not lose access to your account;
  • Also, verified users receive more trust from other users, and the number of responses to transactions from other users increases. The user verification function is mandatory for all LEGAL services operating in Europe. In accordance with the GDPR, our servers are located in Europe. Also, personal data is not processed manually, so there is no risk of leakage. Your data is processed automatically by our partners, Sum & Substance Ltd. You may learn more about it in the Privacy Policy.


The majority of users around the world treat verification as a more or less standard for storing and exchanging cryptocurrencies.


What problems with verification may occur?

After sending the verification data to the bot, your data will be automatically processed by our partners, Sum & Substance Ltd. Such processing takes some time and according to its result, you will receive a message with the result in the bot. The cause of the problems may be the low quality of the photo, the wrong document or visibility issues (it is blocked by a finger or not all of its corners fit into the lens).


You can take a new photo of the document or a selfie with it in your hands and send it for review again. If you cannot solve the problem and it is not clear why the system generates an error, you can always contact support and describe the situation.


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receive, exchange and store
cryptocurrency in your smartphone
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Download app for instant exchanges

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