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WE BELIEVE in a fair financial system



Using the simplest wallet in a messenger, Chatex grants people hussle-free access to a fair money system based on cryptocurrency

How it Works?

Chatex Bot gives people the opportunity to have real property and enjoy all the benefits of cryptocurrency in the simplest way.

Chatex is now available on Telegram. New versions of the bot on other popular messengers, such as Viber, Facebook, Line, Kik and KakaoTalk, are coming soon.

Chatex is the most convenient way to operate with cryptocurrency without leaving the messenger. With Chatex, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency with minimal fees, creating your own ads or responding to ads created by other users.
Now, the profits are guaranteed by saving your assets from crypto price volatility. There is no need to deposit Bitcoin to Chatex for trading, cause Bitcoin is now being bought in the real-time mode at the market price, thanks to Exchange API and Chatex OTC Program. You are now saved from the risks of loss and, in general, from the need to buy Bitcoins in advance.
We offer you to become our partners in the following ways:
• Connect Chatex as a service for paying your employees or users of your platform.
• Connect Chatex as a fiat gateway for your exchange or service.


Complicated things have become so easy. You know how to use the messenger - it means you can use Chatex!



Chatex will never take the last from people, but will give them the opportunity for free trade, development and financial freedoms.



Anyone can access cryptocurrencies with all their properties. One of these is the unimpeded movement of capital. Everyone will be able to transfer money anywhere in the world without any boundaries or obstacles.

Bot features

Respond quickly to digital assets management requests from your smartphone.

Better one time to try than 10 times to read

Achieve prosperity with Chatex

Trade or invest

Wanna increase your wealth through exchange?
We will teach you how!

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Referral program

Share with your friends and make the world a better place while gaining passive income.
Unique offer for bloggers, influencers and webmasters!

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Chatex is a tool that can accelerate economic growth in developing countries. It allows people to securely store their savings in cryptocurrencies, as well as make instant money transfers within the network. Just imagine what opportunities people will get!

Michael Ross-Johnson, СEO Chatex

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